Merchant Console Search Feature

The Search section of your Merchant Console allows you to search your full database of transactions with any search criteria. The Basic search will look through every field for your search term(s), while the Advanced search is based on more specific search criteria.

To search all fields of your transaction database, enter any search term into the Basic Search dialog box. For example, if you enter "John" the system will search for "John" in all transaction fields including Cardholder, Billing Name, and Shipping Name and return the transaction details for all of the transactions in which "John" was found.

The Basic Search can also be customized. Click on the Customize button to the right of the search field and the page will expand to include additional options with which to customize your search results.

alt text

The following fields are available for customization:

Field Default Description
Invoice X transaction invoice number
Card Holder X customer's full name as it appears on their credit card or checking account
Card Number X full 13-16 digit credit card number
AVS Street X customer's billing street address
AVS Zip X customer's billing zip code
Authcode X transaction authorization code
Amount X total dollar amount of transaction
Description X brief description of transaction
Result X result of processed transaction i.e. approved, declined, error, etc.
Transaction ID unique gateway assigned identification number
Transaction Key unique gateway assigned alphanumeric identification key
Batch ID batch identification number
Transaction Type type of transaction, i.e. Sale, Credit, Void, etc.
Status transaction status, i.e. Completed, Pending, Declined, etc.
AVS Result result of the Address Verification System check
CVV2 Result result of the CVC/CVV2 check
Error Message error message or description
Error Code numerical error code
Date & Time date and time on which transaction was originally processed
Date date only
Time Time only
Order ID order identification number
PO# purchase order number
Customer# customer identification number
Recurring Customer ID identification number for a recurring billing customer
Currency currency in which transaction was processed
Native Amt amount of transaction in customer's native currency
Tax amount of a transaction that was sales tax
Tip amount of a transaction that was tip (gratuity)
Shipping amount of a transaction that was shipping charges
Discount amount of discount
Subtotal subtotal of transaction
Card Type type of card used in transaction i.e Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)
User individual user who processed transaction
Clerk individual clerk who processed transaction
Terminal terminal from which transaction was processed
Table table number (for restaurant use)
Source source from which transaction was processed
Server IP IP address from which transaction was processed
Client IP IP address from which transaction originated
Check # check number used to pay for transaction
Check Account checking account number used to pay for transaction
Check Routing checking account bank routing number used to pay for transaction
Settled transaction that have been settled
Processed transactions that have been processed
Returned transactions that have been returned
Bank Note transactions that have bank notes attached (banks notes typically occur when a check is returned or when changes have been made to the account either by the account owner, or the bank itself)
Billing First Name
Billing Last Name
Billing Company
Billing Street
Billing Street 2
Billing City
Billing State
Billing Zip
Billing Country
Billing Phone
Billing Email
Shipping First Name
Shipping Last Name
Shipping Company
Shipping Street
Shipping Street 2
Shipping City
Shipping State
Shipping Zip
Shipping Country
Shipping Phone

The Advanced Search feature is designed to help you narrow down your search and retrieve only the transactions you are looking for. Enter the term you are searching for along with the field in which the system should find it. You can search for only one term in a specific field, or multiple terms and fields.

For example, if you are looking for a transaction that was processed in June 2007, for an amount greater than $150.00, by clerk "Joe," simply enter all of the information into the search boxes and select the Match All option at the top.

Alternatively, you can also search multiple terms using the Match Any option, which will return all transactions matching any of your search data.

Please Note: Whether you are using the Basic or Advanced Search, you can only search for a specific credit card using the last four digits of the card number. The system will not return any results if you search using the full 16-digit card number. We recommend finding a specific credit card by using the authorization code or reference number generated during the time of the transaction.