Source Summary

The Customers and Billing Source Summary page provides you with a snapshot of all of the customers currently listed in your customer database. The customers are cross-referenced by category and recurring billing status.

alt text

A source is similar to a category and can be used to identify different types of customers or recurring transactions. In the example above, the sources are Basic, Professional, and Premium. These are used to classify the types of customers within the customer database.

You can create new sources in the Source Key, section of your Merchant Console Settings, and you can assign an individual customer to a source by selecting "Edit" in the Customer Database and selecting the desired category from the "Source" drop-down menu.

The chart also displays the recurring billing status of the customers in each category. There are three possibilities: "Enabled/Running" (customers currently enrolled in and enabled for recurring billing whose cards are in good standing), "Declined/Retrying" (customers who are enrolled in recurring billing, but whose transactions have encountered temporary errors, and will be retried within a three-day period), and "Failed/Disabled" (customers who are not enrolled in or enabled for recurring billing, or whose cards have been permanently declined).

For example, out of 357 customers in the Professional category, 356 are enabled for recurring billing and are running successfully, while one has been disabled or has failed to run successfully.

To view the customers from a particular category, status, or combination of the two, simply click on the corresponding number.

alt text

You will be taken to a list of all of the customers from the specified status/category.