Merchant Console Receipt Settings

The Receipt Settings page is where you can customize each of the receipts you send to your customers based on the platform through which the customer's transaction has been processed as well as the receipts that you (merchant) receive once the transaction has been completed.

You can also create new print or email receipts which will be saved in the Additional Receipts section of this screen.

alt text

Customize a System Receipt

To customize an existing system receipt click on the Customize button to the right of the receipt you would like to change.

On the editing screen you will be able to change the receipt heading, format and contents. You can also change the "from" address of email receipts and select html or text format for the emails.

alt text

Once you have made your changes, you can preview the new, customized version of the receipt, and then save or cancel your changes. Once you have saved a customized version of a receipt two new links will appear to the right of the receipt in the System Receipts section of the Receipt Settings page. You can then edit the receipt further if necessary, or you may choose to revert to the default receipt settings.

Create an Additional Receipt

You can create as many print and email receipts as you like by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the Receipt Settings page and entering the required information in the fields provided.

alt text

Once you have entered your information you can preview and save or cancel the receipt. Once saved, the new receipt will appear in the Additional Receipts section at the bottom of the Receipt Settings screen.

Available Fields

The following is a list of all available fields that may be used in editing your new and customized receipts.

Transaction Fields

use: transaction.[Field]
Field Meaning Size
account Masked ACH account number 32
amount Transaction amount 0000000000.00
authcode Transaction authorization code returned 6
avsresult Friendly AVS result na
avsresultcode 3 character avs result code returned 3
avsstreet Street Address 255
avszip Zip Code 30
batchid Gateway assigned batch ID 11
billing_city Billing city 60
billing_company Billing company name 120
billing_country Billing country 2
billing_fname Billing first name 60
billing_lname Billing last name 60
billing_phone Billing phone number 40
billing_state Billing state 20
billing_street Billing street address 255
billing_zip Billing zip code 20
captured Date and time of captured transaction 21
cardholder Name of the card holder 255
cardtype Card tender used na
ccexp Fully Masked Expiration Date 4
ccnum First 12 digits masked and last 4 digits visible of a credit card number 19
ccnum4 Last 4 digits of a credit card 4
ccnum4first First 4 digits of a credit card 4
checknum ACH Check number 11
clerk Name of the clerk 64
clientip Client IP address 15
comments Comments 65536
conversionrate Conversion rate of the transaction 11
created Created date and time of a transaction 21
createdate Created date of a transaction 10
createtime Created time of a transaction 11
cvcresult Friendly CVV2 response na
cvcresultcode 1 character cvc result code 1
currency Currency used in the transaction, 3 character currency code 3
custid Merchant assigned billing customer ID 30
custom[1-20] Custom fields 1-20 for use 256
description description of the transaction 255
discount Discount amount 0000000000.00
effective Check transaction effective date 11
email email address 255
errorcode 5 digit error code returned 5
invoice Invoice number 10
ischeck Check transaction flag 4
key Unique gateway assigned alphanumeric transaction key (Same as transkey) 15
merchid Gateway assigned merchant ID 11
nativeamount Native amount of the transaction settled 11
nativeorigamount Native amount of the transaction authorized 11
nontaxable 1 character (Y,N) code 1
orderid Order ID 64
origamount Original amount 0000000000.00
ponum PO number 25
reason Description of override reason 255
reccustid Gateway assigned billing customer ID 11
response Transaction response na
responsecode Transaction response code 1
rest_table ID of a restaurant table 8
serverip Server IP address 15
shipping Shipping amount 0000000000.00
shipping_city Shipping city 60
shipping_country Shipping country 2
shipping_company Shipping company name 120
shipping_fname Shipping first name 60
shipping_lname Shipping last name 60
shipping_phone Shipping phone number 40
shipping_state Shipping state 20
shipping_street Shipping street 255
shipping_zip Shipping zip code 20
source Name of the source key used in processing the transaction 11
status Friendly transaction status na
statuscode Transaction status code 1
subtotal Subtotal amount 0000000000.00
tax Transaction tax 000000.00
tip Tip amount 0000000000.00
transid Gateway assigned transaction ID 11
key Unique gateway assigned alphanumeric transaction key (Same as key) 15
tranterm Transaction terminal number 64
type Transaction type na
typecode Transaction type code 1
upbatchid Uploaded batch ID 11
user Username 16

Customer Fields

use: customer.[Field]
Field Meaning Size
custid Gateway assigned auto-incremented value 11
company Customer company 150
address Customer address 150
address2 Address line 2 150
city Customer city 100
state Customer state 30
zip Zip code 30
country Customer country 100
phone Customer phone Number 40
fax Fax number 40
email Email address 255
url Web site address 255
notes Displays any notes that you have added to the customer's record - this is only visible to you, not to the customer
enabled Enotes whether a customer is currently enabled for recurring billing 11
numleft Number of transactions remaining in billing cycle (set to * for infinite) 11
start Date to begin billing cycle
next Date of next scheduled transaction - customer will be charged at the time specified in the Recurring Billing section of your General Settings (default is 11:00 PM)
expiration Credit card expiration date in MMYY format 4
amount Amount that will be charged 10,2
fname Customer's first name as it appears on their credit card or checking account. 255
lname Customer's last name as it appears on their credit card or checking account. 255
failures Number of failures that have occurred for this customer 11
vcaccount_safe Customer's bank account number 4
vcrouting_safe 9 digit bank routing number 4
sendreceipt If checked, an email receipt will be sent to the customer after each charge in the billing cycle 11
source Set the source of the billing cycle (for reporting purposes) 11
user Set the user who entered the information (for reporting purposes) 64
receiptnote Displays the note that is emailed to the customer along with their receipt
paytype Payment type 'cc','check'
customerid Customer ID 64
customdata Custom data is a raw text field, please serialize and encode (ie: base64) your data so that complex types are stored and retrieved correctly.
description A brief description of the good or services being charged
orderid Create a unique order ID 64
tax Amount of total to be applied to taxes 10,2
accounttype Checking or Savings - if left blank, default is Checking. 'Checking','Savings'
checkformat The ach format that the ACH processor will use for a transaction 3
custcreated The date when customer was created
custcreatedby The user, who created the customer 32
custmodified The date when customer was updated
custmodifiedby The user, who modified the customer 32
currency Currency of amount 3

Line Items Customization with CSS

In order to use CSS with the line items, make sure you have the similar structure in your HTML receipt.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <style TYPE="text/css">
         .lineitems-name { color: green; }
         .lineitems-qty-cell {color: pink; }
         .lineitems-cost-cell {color: blue;}
      [if transaction.haslineitems=Y]
      <b>Order Details</b>

This is an example of the HTML that will be send to you by email:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <table class="lineitems-tbl">
        <tr class="lineitems-header-row">
            <th class="lineitems-header-cell lineitems-sku" id=
            <th class="lineitems-header-cell lineitems-name" id=
            <th class="lineitems-header-cell lineitems-cost" id=
            <th class="lineitems-header-cell lineitems-qty" id=
            <th class="lineitems-header-cell lineitems-subtotal" id=
        <tr class="lineitems-row">
            <td class="lineitems-cell lineitems-sku lineitems-sku-cell">
            <td class="lineitems-cell lineitems-name lineitems-name-cell">
            Lafayette Convertible Dress</td>
            <td class="lineitems-cell lineitems-cost lineitems-cost-cell">
            <td class="lineitems-cell lineitems-qty lineitems-qty-cell">0</td>
            <td class=
            "lineitems-cell lineitems-subtotal lineitems-subtotal-cell">
        <tr class="lineitems-subtotal-row">
            <td class="lineitems-sku"></td>
            <td class=
            "lineitems-name lineitems-footer-label lineitems-footer-subtotal-lable">
            <td class="lineitems-cost"></td>
            <td class="lineitems-qty"></td>
            <td class="lineitems-footer-value lineitems-footer-subtotal-value">
        <tr class="lineitems-shipping-row">
            <td class="lineitems-sku"></td>
            <td class=
            "lineitems-name lineitems-footer-label lineitems-footer-shipping-label">
            <td class="lineitems-cost"></td>
            <td class="lineitems-qty"></td>
            <td class="lineitems-footer-value lineitems-footer-shipping-value">
        <tr class="lineitems-total-row">
            <td class="lineitems-sku"></td>
            <td class=
            "lineitems-name lineitems-footer-label lineitems-footer-total-label">
            <td class="lineitems-cost"></td>
            <td class="lineitems-qty"></td>
            <td class="lineitems-footer-value lineitems-footer-total-value">


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