Merchant Console Billing History

After each transaction is run, it is added to the Billing History database and also to the Reports section of the Merchant Console.

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The Billing History page will display transactions in chronological order with the most recent transaction at the top of the list. The display includes the dates on which the transaction was run, the invoice number, the company and customer name, total amount of the transaction, the transaction result and the reason for the result. At the far right of each transaction is a details button, simply click that to view more details about the transaction as well as access quick links for issuing a credit, editing the customer record, emailing a copy of the receipt to yourself or your customer, and more.

This page includes the following transaction data:

Field Description
Date date on which the transaction was run
ID invoice number for transaction
Company customer's company name (if any)
Name customer's full name (Last, First)
Amount total amount of transaction
Result result of the transaction (possible values are: A - Approved, E - Error, or D - Declined)
Reason explanation of error or decline

Transaction Details

To view any of the transactions listed in the Billing History, click the Details button to the right of the transaction. The details page includes all of the data for the specified transaction including Transaction Results, Verified by Visa Authentication, Transaction Info, Billing Address and Shipping Address.

The Transaction Details page also includes a Quick Credit option which allows you to issue a credit to the customer whose transactions you are viewing. There is also a Quick Sale option, through which you can charge a customer a one time fee or charge that will not affect the customer's recurring transaction schedule.

Please note: The Quick Credit, and Quick Sale options DO NOT ask you to confirm the transaction once you submit them, they will be processed immediately.