Connecting an Ingenico device via Payment Engine Direct

Supported Devices

Please Note: When using a WiFi capable device, such as the Move 5000 or the Link 2500, please be sure the device is connected to a secure WiFi network. If the device is not WiFi capable, please be sure the ethernet cable is securely connected to the device.

To add a WiFi network, while on the idle screen, press this sequence of keys 0 0 0 1. This will take you to the Admin Menu. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu and press the green key to select the highlighted item.

  • Select "WiFi Parameters", then "Scan Networks"
  • Once there, select the desired WiFi network
  • Enter the password, then press the green button
    • Once you enter the WiFi password successfully, the WiFi icon will go from white to orange (trying to connect), then to green (once its connected successfully)
  • Once the device has successfully connected to the network, press the red "X" button to back out of the Admin Menu
  • Then you will see a pairing screen and can continue with the the steps below.

Step 1: Add a Source Key

A source key must be added first to connect your device. Go to ‘Settings’ from your side menu bar and then select ‘API Keys’ on the drop down menu. Click on "+Add API Key" to add a new source key. For more information on adding an API Key, refer to the API Keys section of the user guide.

Step 2: Register and Pair Device

After a source key has been generated, return to the Device Manager section under Settings. Click on the '+' button to add a new Device.The following screen will appear to register the device:

Device Manager

Enter the Device’s Name, select the Source Key from the drop down menu as shown below, and select the Terminal Type as Direct.

Please Note: Device name can contain letters, numbers, spaces, and dashes. All other characters will be filtered out.

API Key Selection Drop Down

Once the Device Name, Source Key, and Terminal Type have been selected, click on '+Register'. The Merchant Console will then generate a pairing code to pair your device to the Merchant Console.

Device Manager

The Ingenico device will then ask you to enter the pairing code (shown in the Merchant Console) via the pin pad.

Tetra Line Pairing Screen:

Tetra Line Pairing Screen example

Once the pairing code has been entered, your device should be connected. In the Device Manager, the green icon in the top right of the box indicates that the device is connected.

Device Manager

Step 3: Device Options

Click on the device to view the device’s settings. The following page with the device’s information and options will appear:

iSC Touch 480:

iSC Touch 480 Device Options example

Default Terminal Configuration Check the boxes to allow the device to accept the following types of payment: EMV, Debit MSR, and Contactless. Enable Tip Adjust to adjust the transaction to include tip after the transaction has been approved.

Settings In this section, you can set the Timeout period, Enable initializing transaction from device, Share Device, and edit the Source Key.