The settings section of your reseller console allows you maximum flexibility for managing your account and merchant account settings. Most of the settings sections listed below has its own support page; those that do not are detailed below. Please click on the icons below to access specific support pages for each of the settings sections.

User Settings

  • Manage access to your reseller console.
  • Setup users and assign access to console features.

-> User Settings Support

Merchant News Manager

  • Effectively communicate with your merchants through the Merchant News Manager.
  • Create news stories to display on merchants' console home pages.
  • Manage news items from parent resellers and other sources.

-> Merchant News Manager

Package Sales Management

  • Manage merchant gateway packages.
  • Choose default merchant settings such as auto batch closure and default fraud settings.

-> Package Sales Management

Password Changes

  • Change your reseller console password.
  • Passwords must be changed at least once per 90 days.

-> Password Changes

Keys Management

  • Reseller Keys allow you to integrate reseller center functionality into external applications.

-> Keys Management

Email Templates

  • Customize the text of gateway generated emails such as the merchant welcome, console instructions and source key setup emails.

-> Email Templates