USAePay Reseller Console Guide

Support by Section

  • Home - Announcements and updates on changes in the reseller console.
  • Track Applications - Monitor the status of all of your pending merchant applications in real time.
  • Add New Merchant - A step by step guide to adding new merchants to your system.
  • Active Merchants - Manage all of your active merchants from one easy location.
  • Reseller Store - Visit our reseller store where you can purchase essential equipment, tools and supplies.
  • Reports - View, download and print a variety of pre-made reports, as well as create your own custom designed reports.
  • Settings - Establish default charge amounts, frequency of summary email reports, and monitor all of your users from one convenient location.
  • Key Editor - View and edit all of the different sources from which you connect to your console.
  • Partners - A list of Trustworthy Partners and Reliable Payment Solutions.
  • Glossary of Terms - A comprehensive list of industry terms and abbreviations.
  • Additional Resources - A quick reference guide for error codes, AVS responses and more.

Developer's Tools

Developers are encouraged to visit the Developer's Center on the USA ePay website. The Developer's Center contains programming scripts in a variety of languages as well as the Gateway API, which explains how to connect to the gateway processor.

For a list of Shopping Carts and eStores that have been registered with USA ePay click here