This feature allows you to manage your cash drawers within the app. You can have your cashiers/clerks assigned to a drawer, track how much cash is in each drawer, and reconcile the cash drawer at the end of each shift (reconciliation is performed on the console).

iPad Dashboard

Starting your Shift

  • Tap the Start Shift button on the Dashboard. Start Shift button Clerk List
  • To edit the Starting Cash, just tap the field and enter the desired amount. The default is $200.00
  • Then tap the Select Clerk button Select Clerk Button
  • Tap to select a Clerk among the available list. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to search by name or employee id. Note: To refresh the list, simply pull down the list down to load more. Clerk List
  • Once you have selected a Clerk, a green checkmark Checkmark will appear to the right of the listing, tap the Done button to close the list and then tap the Start Shift button again to start the shift. Start your shift
  • You will then be brought back to the dashboard where you will now see the name of the Clerk on the left instead of the username you used to login to the app. Now all transaction ran on the app will be tied to this shift until the shift is closed. Clerk's Dashboard
  • From here you can tap Quick Sale to begin running sales.
    • If you are selling products and tracking inventory, tap the menu icon, then Sales Type, then Itemized Order to begin selling.

Ending your Shift

  • When you are done with your shift, tap the menu icon, then tap Dashboard.
  • Tap the End Shift button to close the shift.
  • Once you have closed the shift, the shift report will display: Shift Report
  • From this page you can view a preview of the report and you have the option to either print or email the report.
    • You can print the report from any of our compatible thermal printers.
    • To send the report via email, tap the Email Report button and then enter your email address. Email your Shift Report
  • Once you are done, press the Done button to return to the dashboard. You will no longer be in a shift, transactions will not be tied to a Shift.
    • You will be given the opportunity to reprint or send the Shift Report again under the View Shifts button.

View Shifts

  • Tap the View Shifts button on the Dashboard. View Shifts Button on Dashboard View Shifts
  • Then tap any of the closed shifts in the list. Note: If you do not see all of your shifts, simply pull up the list down to load more. View the Shift Report Again
    • The Shift Report page will open. This allows you to send the Shift Report again if you were unable to do when the shift was originally closed.
    • When you are done, tap the Done button
  • When you tap an opened shift this will allow you to resume a shift on a new device if you are unable to continue on the original device for any reason. Resume an open shift
  • At this point you can continue to run transactions and they will be tied to this shift.


Search shifts

  • Tap the Filter option to see a modal appear with different options:
    • Status: You can filter by the status of the shift by using the Open and Closed buttons. To stop filtering, just tap the buttons until they are both grey.
    • Date: You can filter by the date the shift was created within a range. To edit the From and To dates, just tap the date and a selector will appear in the modal to select the date.

by Status

Search shifts

by Date

Search shifts


In order to reconcile the drawer, you will need to login to the merchant console.

For more information, please follow this link here.


To add a clerk, you will need to login to the merchant console.

For more information, please follow this link here.