Quick Sale

Quick Sale transactions are meant for one time sales using any enabled payment option on your console.

Step 1: Select quick sale

  1. Tap on the icon to expand the side menu bar, then select ‘QuickSale’ from the drop down

  2. Quick sale is also located on your Dashboard.

Note: Both methods will take you to the same page, requiring the same steps.


Step 2 : Enter Amount

Enter the Amount of sale. In the ‘Amount’ field. Tap on the drop down arrow,

As shown in the image below, to expand the following fields:Tax, Invoice #, Purchase Order or PO #, and Description.

Once you enter the Tax percentage, Invoice #, PO #, and the Description in their corresponding fields, tap on and continue to Step 3.


Step 3: Choose Payment Method

Depending on your merchant account, you may accept Credit Cards, Cash, Checks (External only), or Paypal.


To process a cash transaction, enter the Amount Tendered in the ‘Cash Amount’ field. Note: The amount tendered must be equal to or higher than the total amount of the order. The customer’s ‘Change Due’ will automatically be calculated for you. To enter the amount tendered you can do one of the following:

  1. Tap on the dollar amount keypad to enter the amount tendered.

  2. Tap on "Exact" when the customer gives the exact amount of the amount due.


Credit Card

When processing a credit card transaction, you may swipe the customer's credit card or manually enter the customer's credit card information.

Manual Entry

To enter a customer’s credit card information manually, tap on the “Manually Key” field. Enter the 16-digit credit card number. Once the card number is entered, new fields will appear. Enter the credit card’s expiration date, CVV/CVV2 code, the Card Holder’s name, Address, and Zip Code.


Once you have entered the necessary information, tap "PAY" to process the credit card transaction.


To swipe a customer’s credit card, you must enable and connect a card reader to your iOS device. The following is a list of card readers that are compatible with the USAePay Retail POS App:

  • PaysaberGo
  • PaysaberShuttle
  • WoosimR-240
  • IngenicoiCMP
  • MagtekiDynamo

A pop up icon will appear to confirm a card reader is connected. Refer to image shown below.


As soon as any card reader is connected, you may automatically swipe the customer’s credit card.

The Quick Sale transaction will start processing once the card is swiped.

You will then be directed to the Tip Page.



To start accepting checks, it must be enabled in Settings. When accepting checks, enter the check number in the ‘Check Number’ field.

Enter a note in the ‘Check Note’ field, if desired. Note: You do not need to enter the exact check number. You may use the ‘Check Number’ field to keep track of your check sales for the day.

Once you have entered the check number, tap on "Charge"



To accept PayPal, you must enable it in your Settings. When accepting a PayPal payment method, tap the ‘Paypal’ field. You will be directed to the Paypal Here application.


Add Tip

Add tips to your Quick Sale transactions, the ‘Prompt for Tip’ setting must be enabled in Settings.

When adding tips, customers are given the option to add 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, a Custom Tip, or No Tip.


Capture Signature

The Signature page will show a calculation of the Quick Sale amount, including tax and tip.

When this window appears, ask the customer to use the touch screen and enter their signature.

Once the customer signs their name on the screen, tap "ACCEPT".


Step 4: Transaction Result

Once you tap on for " charge" for credit card, cash, and check transactions, you will be directed to the Transaction Result page.

From the same Transaction Result page, you have the following options: Print Receipt, Email Receipt, and New Sale.



To print a receipt copy of the transaction, tap on "Print Receipt". A printer must be enabled and connected to your device. The following lists printers that are compatible with the USAePay Retail POS App:

  • TSP Printer 100/LAN 143 & 650(via Ethernet connection for both printers) with cash drawer compatibility on both printers
  • mPOP Bluetooth Printer with cash drawer
  • Woosim Printer
  • Seiko Qaliber Printer


To email a receipt of the transaction to your customer, tap on from the same Transaction Result page. You will be taken to the Email Receipt page. Enter the customer’s email address in the field provided then tap.


A confirmation pop up will appear, indicating if the email was sent successfully or failed to send.