Process Bulk Transactions

This method allows you to upload a .csv file of transactions. You can upload credit card, ACH, or token transactions. Below are .csv templates for each transaction type:

The API endpoint is as follows:

POST /api/v2/bulk_transactions

You should reference the .csv file in your request, like shown below.


curl -F 'data=@/Users/adminuser/Desktop/uploads/upload1.csv'
-H "Authorization: Basic aGswTmVoV1lYbzdWbXd4MFM3OWJmMTdrMmJvVzJqVDc6czIvNmQyZjY1NmM4ZGEwMDgzMTBjMmJhZWVkNDg5MzBhYzUvYmUzZDZlNDQ4ODE4ZmFkOGNhNjc4N2ZlNDljNjFkNDYxYmMyM2Q4MjFmZjBmYzI4OThlNmQ0ZTBkMWRjMjNjNA=="1


    "lines": 3,
    "transactions": 3,
    "errors": [],
    "dupes": 3,
    "bulk_key": "intn1h9ksrg8c4yrr"

This is the sample response object sent back from the server.


Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
lines integer Total possible transactions found in .csv file.
Transactions integer Number of lines detected with in file which will attempt to process. transactions + errors = lines
errors integer Number of lines that could not be accepted for processing due to incorrect formatting. transactions + errors = lines
dupes integer Number of duplicate files detected in past bulk transaction uploads.
bulk_key String Unique identifier for group of transactions generated by gateway.

Change Log

Date Change
2017-09-04 Added page with code examples.

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